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Certified Professional Trainer

Travel The World... Stay In Ritz Carlton... Share Your Message... Impact The World... And Get PAID For it!

Be A Part Of The Exclusive Set of Professional Trainers
Be A Part Of The Exclusive Set of Professional Trainers

Get Your Professional Trainer Certification awarded by IPMA , U.K

Exclusive Set of Professional Trainers

Turn Your Knowledge, Talents and Ability Into a Life-Changing Career as a HIGHLY PAID Trainer

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What Is Certified Professional Trainer ?

This is a career development programme designed to provide the competencies and the know-hows needed to become, as the title suggests, a professional trainer.

Aside from coaching and moulding you into becoming a great trainer using creative training techniques, this programme also teaches you the BUSINESS of training.

Unlike the typical train-the-trainer courses so readily available in the market, the CPT course is a professional development, apprenticeship and mentorship programme designed specifically for intended practitioners who want to experience dramatic growth and transformation in their effectiveness as a trainer.

This programme also provides a very good foundation for anyone who has a certain expertise but does not know how to train.

What Makes Certified Professional Trainer Different ?

Coaching, mentorship and real-life practical experience, in addition to classroom training

International accreditation

Highly practical and hands-on

Proven results in 5 countries

Opportunities for training available after completion

Learn how to market yourself as a trainer

Training systems available for use

Training by Master Trainer with more than 30 years of international training experience

Real People Real Results

This Programme Comprises Of 3 Parts

Part One : The CPT Core Programme

The Core Skills Programme focusing on the skills and the art of high impact training. It covers the latest in training techniques where you not only LEARN but put into PRACTICE what they have been taught.

This is done through a wide range of highly interactive exercises and practice sessions as well as super-learning methods and experiential techniques.

Conducted in a supportive and dynamic atmosphere, scholars are also required to prepare and carry out four practice sessions and will learn at least 18 different exercises/games. Three of these sessions will be video-taped and critiqued to enable further improvements.

Part Two : The CPT Business Programme

The Business Programme imparting the business of training. The key objective is to help you be able to start and run a successful training business whether full time or part time.

Areas covered include:

Starting your own training business
Marketing and promoting training
How to secure training projects
How to organise and market training events

Part Three : The CPT Mentorship Programme

The Mentorship Programme covers apprenticeship opportunities in real training environment, personal coaching, “live” training assignment with on-site evaluation, short in-class learning or webinars, workshop re-attendance and materials support in the form of updates for continuous learning.

The mentorship phase of the programme not only provides you with guidance and direction, but supports real-life training to build up your practical experience. Coaches work closely with you to help you acquire the competencies quickly and get into the training profession in the shortest time possible.

There will be opportunities to be an apprentice at actual training sessions that have either been secured by your own or by the company. You will be informed of Quest training projects which you might be able to participate in. CPT Coaches will be present to evaluate your performance and to provide training support.

Upon completion of the CPT course and meeting the standards, you will be awarded the status of Certified Professional Trainer from the International Professional Managers Association, United Kingdom and will be authorised to use the title CERTFIED PROFESSIONAL TRAINER. (IPMA, U.K.)

Course Structure

A 12-month Career Development Programme with on-the-job training, coaching and co-teaching opportunities.

As a scholar, you will be going “live” on real training assignments which are highly practical and intensive in nature.

At The End Of The Programme, You Will Be Able To :

Run training programme that would deliver measurable results.

Select appropriate training methods to achieve specific training and development objectives.

Use creativity in training as well as training design to make your training interesting and captivating.

Handle sensitive issues and difficult situations while conducting training.

Map out a personal branding strategy that is unique that would position yourself in a crowded market place.

Create a niche for yourself in the training market so that you can gain entry quickly.

Develop your personal marketing plan that will map out your strategies to be a successful professional trainer.

Success Sources With Proven Track Record

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) Recognized?

There is no one official recognition in the world relating to training. So the question would be; recognized by whom? So far, most countries do not have any official requirements to be designated as a trainer.

However CPT has been around for the last 10 years and has developed more than 800 students and would be the largest group of professional trainers in Asia. They carry the designation of Certified Professional Trainers (IPMA – U.K.)

How successful are the CPT graduates?

We have immensely successful trainers who have achieved recognition in their respective countries as Top Trainers. If success is measured by fees per day; we have trainers earning as high as USD 7,000 a day.

As much as 25% of the students would become full time trainers within the one year track, the rest operates as part timers until their personal circumstance allow them to go full time.

What is required to get the Certification?

You need to attend all classes, complete all the assignments and pass the presentation exercises and complete the “live” training assignment successfully before the certification is given.

Will I be assured of training assignments from Quest or MasteryAsia?

This program is started by Quest because we need trainers for our very active training business (in 6 countries). However not all students would have subject matter competencies relevant to the requirement of our clients.

Quest provides training in the management area. Hence a CPT student who intends to do parenting training might not be able to get any assignments directly from us. Therefore there is no assurance. However Quest would endeavor to provide all graduates with training opportunities.

I am having a full time job and may not have time to attend classes. What is the time commitment for the 12 month course?

The main time commitment for the course consists of three weekends of which Part 1A & 1B are both from Saturday morning to Sunday evening and Phase 2 is from Monday morning to Tuesday evening. As for the two Phase 3 assignments, you have the freedom of choosing any two days in the span of nine (9) months to be involved.

Will I have training opportunities from Quest?

The selection of trainers is based on two key criteria – Knowledge of subject matter and Competency level of delivery. As long as these are satisfied, CPT will be eligible for selection for training.

How do I know if the course is worth my investment?

Whether or not the course is worth the investment highly depends on two (2) factors. First it is the personal goal which defines what you wish to get out of the course. If you would like to have a change in career, this course provides you with the necessary tools and contact to get there.

Secondly,  it depends on your diligence. The pro-active nature of you will enable you to move forward faster into what you want to do.