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What if people would actually pay you to speak?

Travel The World, Stay At The Ritz-Carlton, Impact Thousands Of People And Still Get Paid For It

Introducing our... "Success Skills Workshop to Become A Highly Paid Trainer & Speaker"

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  •  18 April 2020 (Sat)
  •  10.00am - 6.00pm
  •  The Ritz Carlton, Kuala Lumpur  

Last Call for Special Price: RM299 Offer available till 31 March 2020 only OFFICIAL PRICE: RM 499 

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Find Your Niche, Build A Successful Training Career & Business, & Impact The World

Attention to all working professionals who want to capitalise on an ever-growing opportunity in the training industry...

Here's your chance to turn your passion into specialised knowledge, get paid to speak about it and then, be called for opportunities to do it over and over again...

  • Do you have the passion and desire to share your knowledge with others?
  • Do you desire to become a good trainer but have little experience and don't know where to begin?
  • Are you interested in getting certified and recognised internationally as a Certified Professional Trainer
  • Are you looking to start your own training business but don't know how?
  • Do you see yourself making USD2,000 a day in training, 12 months from now?
  • How would you like to invest in yourself to earn an income that will eventually pay back your investment with just 4 days of training?

We Have Trained & Certified Over 1,400 Professional Trainers In ASIA

This Success Skills Workshop will Help you to...

  • Discover if you have a true passion to become a trainer or speaker and impact lives for the better...
  • Find your niche and the confidence to become a world-class trainer...  
  • Turn your specialised knowledge, talents and abilities into a training career or business that will work for you...
  • Fulfill your calling while getting paid to speak and train others...

Do You Want To Impact And Change Someone’s Life For The Better?

When you attend our Success Skills Seminar, you're going to learn the strategies, processes and topics as below...

  • Obtain hands-on information and guidance to turn your passion into a profitable profession.
  • Learn how to kick-start your training based on the 5 key success factors of an influential trainer and speaker. 
  • Find out why you should start creating an income through training or speaking.
  • Learn the principles of how adults learn and how to create an inspiring learning environment based on the 3 professional trainer fundamentals
  • Discover your niche and develop the expertise that businesses need - focus your efforts on the value you can provide to individuals or businesses. 
  • Find out how you can use the Quest Strategic Roadmap to build your own training business from scratch.
  • Get access to proven guides, case studies and tools to allow you to take your training career and business to the next level...

Turn Your Experiences and Expertise Into a Dream Career - Be a Professional Trainer

  •  18 April 2020 (Sat)
  •  10.00am - 6.00pm
  •  The Ritz Carlton, Kuala Lumpur  

Last Call for Special Price: RM299 Offer available till 31 March 2020 only OFFICIAL PRICE: RM499 

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  • You have the passion to share and teach with a desire to make a difference in others' lives.
  • You want to create an additional stream of income for yourself through training & speaking. 
  • You are a business owner who wants to explore speaking to improve your business
  • You have been speaking for free but aren't sure how to generate income for your services.
  • You are a trainer within an organisation and you want to start your own training business

Meet Your Trainers

KC See  

K.C. See is the founder of QUEST Group of Companies. He is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Secretary. He also holds a Marketing qualification from Australia. However, he found his passion and niche in developing and inspiring people to gain higher performance and productivity. He started the Quest Group in 1984, now a leading results-based talent and development consulting company in Asia. K.C. is the trainer of trainers, having trained and mentored over 1,400 professional trainers across Asia. A powerful speaker and trainer, K.C. has trained and mentored over 100,000 people over the last 34 years. As a Principal Consultant and Coach, K.C. has helped numerous organisations in Asia improve their performance, productivity and profits. His many clients include multinationals such as Citibank, Motorola, Sony, Siemens, Hewlett Packard, China Eastern Airlines, Schneider, Merck, Nestle, Konecranes, Daimler, Carrefour, Prudential, Proton, BMW and many more. He is sought after as a keynote speaker for numerous conferences locally and internationally. His largest audience was 8,700 when he spoke at Prudential Assurance Indonesia in 2009. He also presented at TED Talks. K.C. is a regular contributor to business magazines and newspapers, including a monthly column in the SME & Entrepreneurship magazine. In The Star newspaper Malaysia, he wrote a popular column entitled “Quality through People” and has been interviewed on radios and televisions in the region including Channel News Asia Singapore. He has written 6 books, one of which was translated into 5 languages. His management book “Quest for Excellence” is an Asian executive’s guide to Personal Performance, Productivity and Profits. His latest and first hardcover book is titled "The Entrepreneur's Treasure Chest". KC is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, UK.  


Featured Speakers

CK Tan

CK is a Certified Professional Trainer, IPMA (UK). He has trained thousands of people to save thousands of dollars by learning how to manage their money and debts, and then get back on track with their lives.

CK holds a keen interest in energy psychology and alternative healing; offering a unique method of releasing blocked body energies that has helped many people relieve pain, stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and diseases. 

He has conducted many trainings on "Unleashing Your Inner Qi" and has touched thousands of people in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. 

Teoh Poh Yew

Poh Yew is the Founder and Trainer of Creative Wizard Sdn. Bhd. She is also a Certified Professional Trainer, IPMA (UK). 

She is a very passionate educator who strongly believes that learning should be fun, so that children will be motivated to learn more. She has shared her work in more than 16 countries across Southeast Asia, USA, Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria, China, Taiwan, India etc … including various TEDx platforms).

She diligently learnt from various gurus around the world. Standing on the shoulders of these great gurus, Poh Yew has made her mark by helping many parents and educators impart their own knowledge and teachings.

We have been training over 1,400 professional trainers from all walks of life across Asia for the past 17 years

"Success Skills Workshop"

Grab your OFFER for our Success Skills Workshop. Learn How to become A Powerful Trainer & Speaker TODAY

  •  18 April 2020 (Sat)
  •  10.00am - 6.00pm
  •  The Ritz Carlton, Kuala Lumpur  

Last Call for Special Price: RM299 Offer available till 31 March 2020 only OFFICIAL PRICE: RM499 

  • One-day intensive training including coffee break and lunch
  • 9 Hot Tips video lessons to becoming a powerful and profitable trainer and speaker by Master Trainer, KC See
  •  Digital access to "Making an Impact As a Trainer" online materials

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