8 Reasons Why This Programme Is For You

An Opportunity To Earn Additional Income Through Training

More than 70% of the people who came into the CPT programme hold full time jobs. They took up this course to increase their income source through training.

While a seasoned trainer can earn as much as USD 2,000 per training day, a new trainer can earn USD 600 to USD 1,200. The attractive part of this profession is the flexibility of time.

Increase Your Competency As A Trainer

If you have been training or teaching for sometime, the CPT course will further provide you with a structured training that goes beyond the average methodology. You will be able to acquire new skills and methods to transform your current results.

These includes learning how to motivate your audience; dealing with difficult participant; how to put impact and excitement into mundane training.

This course caters to all levels, from experienced trainers to those totally without experience in training, and it guides them in setting up their own training practice.

Do What You Love – Share Your Passion

Many of those who join the programme want to pursue a career in training as they have a passion they want to share and teach others – be it a hobby or a skill they are proud of.

Teaching one’s passion also moves them up one level, from practitioner to teacher and perhaps eventually, with more experience and self-learning, they become a “guru” in the area.

Life Time Membership Within The CPT Community

One of the challenges faced by people who want to pursue a career in training is the lack of contacts and support from other trainers. The CPT alumni seek to form a strong community for all graduates to network and pass on referrals, advice and even moral support to each other.

Many of the graduates have been able to get training assignments and contracts through recommendation by other fellow graduates.

Opportunities For Training Contracts With Quest

Apart from training, Quest provides other business opportunities for graduates such as business coaching and consultation work in the region. This is especially if there is match between the graduate’s area of expertise and Quest’s business area.

Some might be involved in joint marketing projects or as marketing partners for certain training products or events. It is possible that Quest in turn also helps market and promote programmes that are designed and owned by CPT graduates.

Enhance Your Existing Business

For some they use training as a means to expand their existing profession/ business. This includes professionals like doctors and lawyers where direct marketing may not be appropriate.

Running seminars and talks on related topics is one way whereby professionals can enhance their market visibility and therefore help their primary profession/ business.

Aside from that it is also a way to add value to their primary services. This is applicable also for those who are in insurance, financial planning, network marketing and real estate where training is an important enabler.

Become A Quest Licensee

A CPT graduate enjoys a waiver of a USD3125 franchise fee when he or she is approved as a Quest Licensee and Associate Trainer. This position enables the graduate to market and train using Quest programmes.

A process will be carried out to ascertain his or her suitability and competency. Upon approval, he or she will be given the necessary training and tools to carry out the training on their own.

Become Trainer As A Retiree

Retirees with a wealth of experience and having acquired certain expertise during their career can turn these into a potential “passion” income whilst enjoying their golden years.

This is a profession they can practice from home and at their own pace and leisure.


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